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Highest Performing Compressed Air Hose For the Best Price

Quality, Price Range and Purpose

So you are looking for the best compressed air hose and I’m guessing that you don’t want to break the bank purchasing a top of the line hose. I understand, I like to be thrifty as well but most of the time you truly do get what you pay for. I’ve learned this over the years working with air hoses in a food plant where we use compressed air just about 100% of the time when doing dry cleaning. I’ve tried purchasing the standard/off of the shelf hoses at Lowe’s and Home Depot. They typically last around 3 to 6 months. Typically they crack and break and end up in the garbage.  These standard hoses just don’t stand up in an industrial setting. 

What Kind of Hose Will Hold Up in an Industrial Setting?

I’ve learned that in an industrial setting you need an industrial grade compressed air hose. The one that we use at the plant where I work that actually holds up extremely well is the Continental ContiTech Gorilla. Gorilla is a good name for this hose because it absolutely is Gorilla Tough. We have a couple of these Gorilla hoses that have been in service for over 5 years. They get used and abused week after week and they just last. 

Why is this hose not number 1 on the Top 5 List? 

Well, they are heavy duty, tough and rigid hoses that are really meant for an industrial setting. If that’s what you’re looking for then the Continental Conti Tech Gorilla is the hose to buy. Another factor is that they are slightly pricy, so when it comes to the best hose for the best value this hose just doesn’t make the top of this list. 

 The Top 5 List

All that being said, let’s jump in to the list of the Best Compressed Air Hoses For the Best Price. I spent hours reading through reviews and researching to find out which hoses were the top performers and sellers. I’ve compiled my list and I’ve included some real reviews for each that I found online.


#1. The Flexzilla Pro Air Hose 3/8 in by 50 ft, Heavy Duty, Lightweight, Hybrid, ZillaGreen

This Flexzilla Pro Field Repairable Air Hose provides extreme all weather flexibility, rugged durability and it will not kink under pressure. It’s  Flexible Hybrid Polymer material redefines flexibility.  With reusable anodized aluminum fittings, the Flexzilla Pro Air Hose can be repaired on the fly with a few simple steps.

This thing has; Extreme all-weather flexibility, even in subzero temperatures, It will not kink under pressure, it has an excellent bend radius, lays flat, max working pressure at 70°F is 300 psi, and the durable and abrasion resistant outer cover prolongs the life of the hose.

Online Product Review:

This is an excellent hose when you need an air hose with more flexibility. These hoses are very flexible and they always lay down nice. The outer skin is very soft/flexible and lends it’s-self to being stepped on without being easily damaged.  I have a few of these flexzilla hoses in the smaller 1/4" and the standard 3/8", also have a few harder, more rigid hoses.
This is not the hose to run from the compressor across 50 feet of rocky ground into the job site. Use cheaper, more rigid hoses for that, these are best for close to the job or in a garage.  The 1/4" is especially good inside a garage with small air tools,  grinders, air nozzles, etc .  The Flexzilla hose seems very durable so far, and I'm extremely happy with it.

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#2. The ReelWorks Hybrid Polymer Flexible Compressor Air Hose - 3/8" by 100'

The Reelworks 19143001-DY 3/8In by 100ft flexible Hybrid polymer air hose is made of an engineered Hybrid polymer, combining the qualities of both PVC and rubber but actually superior to both.  This air hose provides extreme flexibility and an excellent bend radius that helps eliminate kinks.  With a temperature range of negative 4F to 176F the flexibility will hold up even under the most extreme of cold temperatures.  Another great feature is that this hose is sure to lay flat as it holds no memory form being rolled up. This hose is lightweight and easy to carry, resistant to oil, heat, ozone and abrasion, you have an air hose that is sure to meet any application. 

Online Product Review:

I absolutely love this hose.  It is very lightweight, much lighter than rubber, it lays flat and does not kink. It's also easy to roll up.  The fittings are brass, not aluminum and the no-bend collars at each end are a very nice feature.  Overall I am just very very pleased with this purchase.

I will likely never use another fiberglass hose again.  These hybrid hoses keep their shape when rolled up and they can be straightened out with ease when stretched across the floor. They lay flat and don't create a trip hazard which is really nice when you are walking around your garage or shop. Super nice compressed air hose!

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#3. The Continental ContiTech Gorilla Yellow Nitrile Rubber Industrial Hose - 3/8", 500 PSI, 50'

This heavy duty hose is actually capable of conveying air, water, oil, petroleum-based solvents, and sprays due to it’s heavy duty industrial construction.

It is non-conductive, MSHA approved, flame-resistant Carbryn (carboxylated nitrile), RMA Class A synthetic rubber cover with RMA Class A nitrile synthetic rubber tube for resistance to oils.

This hose has spiral aramid yarn reinforcement for strength and heat resistance, has a temperature range of -20 to +190 degrees F, it can handle up to 500 PSI and it comes with two factory-installed steel male NPT couplings

This hose is actually manufactured for a multitude of applications such as; factories, construction, 

agriculture, quarries, mines, railroads, the oil and gas industry, etc.

Online Product Review: 

As you read above I have experienced this hose holding up for over 5 years in and industrial 

Setting. If you need a hose that is going to stand up to the toughest jobs and also last for several years then this is the compressed air hose for you. 

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#4. The WYNNSKY 3/8" Hybrid Compressed Air Hose - 50ft

This Wynnsky hose is constructed of a rubber-PVC blend. It features very good cold weather flexibility and rolls up easily for storage.  It is intended to be lighter and less bulky than traditional solid rubber hoses, it will lay flatter and avoid binding, kinking, and tangling. This hose includes double brass 1/4" MNPT fittings and the max pressure of the air hose is 300 psi. It is ideal for garage, shop, industry, home and many other uses.

Features; Double Brass 1/4" MNPT Fittings, MAX working pressure is 300psi, the bend restrictors reduce kinking and help to increase the life of the hose, the solid brass end fittings never corrode and seal better than fittings made from other materials and the rubber/PVC blend hose material offers the best qualities from both materials.

Online Product Reviews;

This is a soft flexible hose made from a hybrid material but honestly I think it's just as durable as the conventional rubber hoses yet it’s at least half the weight. I have it on a 50ft ReelWorks hose reel and it always rolls up easily without kinks.  It always lays flat when I’m working with it which things nice when walking around my shop.  I would definitely recommend trying it in your garage or shop.

This is a great air hose, very soft and flexible even in the coldest weather. It rolls up nice, the strain reliefs on the ends of the hose  are very well made. Overall it's a really nice and easy to use compressed air hose.

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#5. The DeWalt 3/8” by 50’ Premium Rubber Hose Part # DXCM012-0201

This DeWalt premium rubber hose is durable and perfect for all compressed air uses and activities. Surprisingly it stays flexible to work with, even at 40 below, yet it can still handle the heat up to 150 degrees without swelling or bubbling.  It is kink and oil resistant. This rubber hose comes complete with solid brass ¼ inch NPT male fittings which will never corrode. Bend restrictor prevent the hose from kinking, they reduces wear and tear and prolonging the life of the hose. The DeWalt 3/8” by 50’ premium rubber compressed air hose is the perfect accessory for any air tool and any air compressor that operates at 300 PSI or less.

Online Product Reviews:

The reviews for this compressed air hose were very simple and straight to the point; This hose works great!, Very tough and durable, I am very happy with this hose.

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Overall Thoughts

Overall these are all very nice compressed air hoses and most of them are priced very reasonably. I love the Continental ContiTech Gorilla for what I do at work but it’s too pricy to justify buying it for home use.  I’m for sure going to be purchasing the Flexzilla Pro air hose for use in my home garage. 

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