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Top Products For Cleaning Electronics

Best Laptop SmartPhone and Tablet Cleaning Products

My Search For The Best Laptop Smartphone and Tablet Cleaning Products For Use During Travel

A Must-Have Item For Business Related Travel

When you work in business you likely travel for several reasons such as; meetings, seminars, summits, shows, and training, etc.  You bring along your laptop, phone or phones, tablet and other electronic items.  These are your tools for doing business and they are your lifeline at times.  These items get used and handled all of the time and guess what, they do get dirty.  So I’d say having something with you at all times to clean them is a great idea.

The Experience That Lead Me To This Conclusion

Just about a month ago I showed up for an off-site meeting.  I brought my laptop, my personal phone and my company phone.  Everyone gathered in the meeting room, we shook each other’s hands, we said our hellos and we settled in.  I pulled my laptop out of my bag and realized that it was marked up with fingerprints and smudges.  I thought to myself “this is a little embarrassing; I wish I had something to clean this with”.  I laid my phones down on the meeting table and wouldn’t you know it, they looked horrible as well.  At that moment I realized that I needed something that I could bring along with me to clean my electronics.

Finding the Right Product That would Work and Fit Conveniently in My Laptop Bag

So I found myself looking online trying to find the best products to effectively clean my electronics; Laptop, Cellphone, Tablet, Electronics, etc. I wanted something that would be convenient to use, something that wouldn’t damage my devices and something that would fit conveniently in my bag.

Why Not Just Use Glass Cleaner, Windex or Any Other Cleaner?

Just using general purpose cleaners or Windex to clean your laptop, phone, tablet or other electronic device is not the best idea.  Some pretty common products can actually damage the hardware of your electronics such as the plastic housing and the screen.  One example would be Windex as it contains a chemical called butoxyethnol.  Butoxyethnol will attack and degrade two common chemicals in plastic; polypropylene and acetyl.  So is it safe to clean your electronics with Windex?  I’d say no.  Knowing this I really just want to use something that was designed specifically for cleaning items such as Laptops, smartphones, tablets and other electronics.

First Find - The Pre-Moistened Wipes

The first thing that I found was these little pre-packaged pre-moistened disposable wipes similar to a wet-nap (iCloth Small Lens Screen Cleaning Wipes).  It seemed like a good option but I wasn’t crazy about having to dispose of the wipe and the wrapper after using it.  To be honest the used wipe and packaging would likely just get tossed in my bag after using it while sitting in a meeting.  So I continued my search thinking that if I didn’t find anything better, I could come back to this product.

Products Not Really Meant For Travel

While searching I ran across a few laptop, phone, tablet and electronics cleaning products that I thought would be nice to have around the house but they really wouldn’t work for travel. One was in a container similar to Clorox wipes, but it was actually pre-moistened disposable towels meant for cleaning electronics at home (Endust for Electronics, Screen cleaning wipes).  Another product had a medium sized spray bottle of cleaning solution and a microfiber towel (WHOOSH! Award-Wining Screen and Electronics Cleaner).  Another nice product but still not exactly what I was looking for.

The Product That Offered Travel Convenience and Perfomance  

So finally I found the Travel size Whoosh Screen and Electronics Cleaner.  It was a cleaner specifically designed to safely use on your smartphone, Laptop, tablet and other consumer electronics.  I also found that this product claimed to be non-toxic, odorless, safe to use at home, at work, or during travel. It comes with a small leak free spray bottle with two re-useable cleaning cloths.  This was exactly what I had been searching for so I purchased it.

My Review of This Product:

This product fits conveniently in my laptop bag, I use the travel sized spray bottle to moisten the cleaning cloths and I clean my laptop and phones.  The product works excellent.  After using it my electronics are left clean, smudge free and streak free.  There are no harsh chemical smells while using this product.  I don’t have to worry about discarding wrappers, wipes or packaging.  I simply tuck the cleaning kit back into my laptop bag.  I really like having it.  If I pull my laptop or phone out of my bag and find that it’s a little dirty, I now have a quick and convenient way to clean it.  

Keep your Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet Clean to Maintain a  Professional & Healthy Work Environment

Keep your Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet Clean to Maintain a Professional & Healthy Work Environment

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